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High-quality reflection separation using polarized images




In this paper, we deal with a problem of separating the effect of reflection from images captured behind glass. The input consists of multiple polarized images captured from the same view point but with different polarizer angles. The output is the high quality separation of the reflection layer and the background layer from the images. We formulate this problem as a constrained optimization problem and propose a framework that allows us to fully exploit the mutually exclusive image information in our input data. We test our approach on various images and demonstrate that our approach can generate good reflection separation results.

Author(s): Kong, Naejin and Tai, Yu-Wing and Shin, Sung Yong
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Volume: 20
Number (issue): 12
Pages: 3393--3405
Year: 2011
Month: December
Publisher: IEEE Signal Processing Society

Department(s): Perceiving Systems
Bibtex Type: Article (article)
Paper Type: Journal

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