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Admissions for graduate study in Perceiving Systems is done through our graduate school — the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems.


There you will find all the information about how to apply on-line. We typically have two calls for applications in the spring and fall. In exceptional cases we will consider applications out of cycle.

When applying make sure to mention your interest in the department or in specific members of the department. This way your application will be seen by the right people.

If you have specific questions about the department related to graduate study, please address them to ps-apply@tuebingen.mpg.de.

Tips for applying:

Things we look for (not all required):

  • have research experience
  • have a Master's degree
  • have great grades
  • have letters from people who can talk about your research abilities
  • have letters from people who do research at an international level
  • have letter writers who are passionate about you
  • be passionate yourself
  • write well and present your CV and research statement well
  • have done something you think is important
  • want to do something important
  • know why you want a PhD
  • know why you want to do it with us
  • have failed or succeeded at something hard (it doesn't matter which)

Ways to be rejected:

  • you do not know anything about our department
  • you have not read any of our recent papers
  • your research statement is unrelated to our research
  • submit shoddy materials with grammar and spelling errors
  • fail to read this page


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Melanie Feldhofer
Department Manager