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Haiwen Feng

Student Assistant

I'm a student assistant supervised by postdoc researcher Timo Bolkart. My work is focusing on gaze behavior extraction and animation. Currently, one of our goals is to integrate human gaze behavior to the face model.

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David Hoffmann

Student Assistant

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Dorotea Lleshaj

Student Assistant

Office: N3.004

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Roman Ludwig

Student Assistant

Office: N3.007

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Igor Martinovic

Student Assistant

I am working as a student assistant within the AirCap (Aerial outdoor motion capture) project. The project goal is developing a 3D shape and motion capture system in outdoor scenarios using multiple co-operative UAVs. Possible applications of this system are autonomous search and rescue robot teams and autonomous systems for crowd supervision. My duties include integrating sensors into the current distributed system and taking care of software and hardware repositories. Currently, I am taking part in the design and implementation of a controller module for the Blimp, which should be integrated in the current UAV system.